Frequently asked questions

How do I buy products?

Simply sign up here. As soon as we send you a verification email, you are ready to start buying products!

When are my funds transferred to the company?

The full amount of products is directly transferred to the merchant (the company selling the products) via the payment gateway. The Capital does not hold any of the funds from the sale proceeds. 

What will i receive in return for my purchase?

The buyer will receive sale proceeds, which is the difference between the wholesale price that the buyer paid and the retail price, once the products have been completely sold. You can find the estimated time it takes for this product to sell, based on the expertise of the merchant (the seller).

Note: The estimated time does not necessarily mean it will be sold during that period. 

Who can become a buyer?

All Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) nationals and expats can invest in The Capital.

Is The Capital a fund?

No, The Capital is platform connecting merchants to buyers. 

What fees do I have to pay to make a purchase?

There are no upfront or ongoing charges accrued to buyers. The Capital only charges a success fee on the companies. 

When will the product sale opportunity close?

Once the products sell out, the sale opportunity will be closed. 

How does The Capital operate?

Do the buyers buy an equity stake in the company?

No, the buyers buy merchandise (products) from the company at a wholesale price for either personal use or to resell them on behalf of the buyer. 

Is The Capital a crowdfunding platform?

No, The Capital is a consumer goods trading platform. After the consumer buys the merchant's products he/she can either request the products or authorize the company to resell the products on their behalf.