Frequently asked questions

How can I list my product on the platform?

What are your listing criteria?

  • The consumer good product is ready for production and/or import.
  • There is a preliminary agreement with a distribution channel.
  • All regulatory (i.e., ministry, municipality, etc.) approvals related to the sale of the product are obtained. 

Why should I be part of The Capital?

  • Access to capital

           Sell your products, enabling you to get back to focusing on the growth of your business.

  • More non-monetary benefits

         Now you can let your own customers and network be part of your products journey, which will drive long-term engagement, loyalty, and support.

  • Streamlined and efficient process

         The Capital is built to ensure our process is as simple and efficient as possible for you.

  • Access

         Your business is exposed to our network of investors.

How do I specify the expected return for my consumer good product?

This decsion is compelty dependent on the entrepuruner, and he/she should take into consdiretaion the type of product they have and the sales channels they will be selling at. We recommend that the the expected return to not be below 20% for it to be lucartive to the investors.