Frequently Asked Questions

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, we do not offer equity stake in companies. We offer products sold by retail companies, hence we all accept companies in the retail sector.

No, the capital has signed an agreement with Tap Payments, which will handle the transaction's money flow.

Yes, The Capital is Shariah compliant, you can find the Fatwa here.

A listing fee is paid by the Retail Company to the Capital. Upon selling out of the products, a success fee is charged.

Each retailer will determine the time in needs to resell your merchandise.

Yes, The full quantity offered needs to be sold out to be able to move to the resell phase.

The amount of time it takes to sell out a product depends on the type, but we have had products sell out in less than 90 seconds in the past :)!

While The Capital provides buyers with relevant information including company data, where the products will be resold,and company information. The Capital makes no recommendations about any particular products and each buyer must do their own due diligence before making a decision to buy.

Yes the minimum is $300

To ensure everyone participates, we have set a maximum limit of $3000.

Buying and browsing the marketplace is completely free! The Capital charges retail companies to list their products. here

To verify the buyer's identity and generate a correct invoice that protects their rights, we ask you to upload your Civil ID in the buyer form.