Now you can be a successful entrepreneur!

Invest as little as KD 100 and be an entrepreneur!

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Connecting investors to entrepreneurs

Our vision is to give individuals the chance to be part of successful entrepreneur’s journey by creating a bridge between entrepreneurs in the consumer goods industry to participants who want to join their success.

From a consumer to an entrepreneur

The platform gives individual consumers the chance to be successful entrepreneurs by allowing small businesses to offer their products to consumers for a financial return.

Allowing entrepreneurs to connect with their clients.

Having a loyal customer base is always a challenge for entrepreneurs. The Capital minds the bridge by ensuring the attachment of your client base to your product.

Access to the startup ecosystem

Investors access to the fastest growing sectors in the region, small businesses! Investors can easily invest (as little as KWD 100) in the startups they believe in!

Available opportunities


Award-winning screen cleaners

700% KWD 69,500 sold

Additional sales

Up to 20% expected return

Water brought to you from the source in Serbia to a bottle in Kuwait.

190% KWD 86,100 sold

Additional sales

Up to 25% expected return
Grip2ü Boost Mango

Invest in Grip2ü, a multiuse mobile cover. 

190% KWD 57,360 sold

Additional sales

Up to 30% expected return